Alec Hill

catalyst-logoBefore he was out of High School Alec knew there were things worth changing in the world, and somehow he was going to work to be that change.   Currently he is facilitating and working with CatalystNow, a non profit that works toward bringing about social change for the better.  The website, contains various components all working toward achieving social and ecological harmony.

One such component is the Bioregional bulletin, a media outlet where information about nonprofits, activists, and organizers can be shared with everyone. The idea is to give people a chance to see what is being addressed in their own bio-region.  If anyone would like to begin a bulletin for their area, Alec can share an online template to start one up.

Another one is the Peoples Voice Initiative, which gives everyone a chance to share their vision of society and focus abstract ideas to provide a world vision to work towards.  His own lifestyle reflects a vision of harmony more than most people I know…

His happiness comes from helping people when they need help, smiling, listening, and saying ‘hello’ to people he sees.  His yurt does not have too big a footprint, and getting around means taking a bike or sharing a ride.  He usually fixes or patches things that need mending, but when he does buy things he shops at ecologically responsible stores.  He brings jars and bags to the grocery store, or otherwise things with no or minimal packaging.


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