Timothy Fisher

After spending the night at the Werner’s, I rolled on down the road to stop by their neighbor’s house, whose owner I was told would be interesting to talk to. The first thing you notice about the property is a carousel; not exactly your average lawn feature, but after looking around more it did not seem too out of place. The barn next to the house is filled with paintings and wooden sculptures. I pulled myself away from them to introduce myself to

Tim and his daughter Anna

Tim with his daughter Anna

Tim, the artist and creator of everything I was looking at. I told Tim why I stopped by and he was glad to show me around even though his daughter (for whom he built the carousel as a birthday present) was visiting. His house is the subject of the post, as his resourceful nature has made his home very unique. The walls of his house are built from old solid core doors taken from the Middlebury College dorms (4 miles north of Tim’s home). The doors were removed when new, wheelchair-friendly doors were installed. Instead of the doors sitting in storage, Tim put them to use with some insulation, cement, and stone to create his house.
Floors from chalk boards

Floors from chalk boards

Wood doors were not the only material Tim scored. His bathroom floor is made of the old slate chalk boards that were removed to make room for new white boards. The lesson here is building materials are everywhere and, depending on imagination and creativity, may take the shape of something for which they are not typically used. It does not need to come from Lowes to be worthy of building with!

Tim, who is also in the process of fixing his solar hot water heater, has a garden even though his soil has high clay content. Digging a couple feet down and mixing in compost and sand has remedied that, allowing him to grow a variety of healthy vegetables and plants.

Anyone can visit his gallery, and even have a ride on the carousel! His address is 727 Fisher Road, Cornwall, VT 05753.

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  1. 1 Dave Morris June 17, 2009 at 7:38 pm

    Hey Phil,
    So glad to hear that you are out on the road again, and doing such an inspiring project. I am very excited to hear about your travels and discoveries.

    We are just back from the 2009 Cycle the Rockies course, and it was another great one. You and your readers may want to check our blog at http://www.wrfi.net/CycleTheRockies/

    Keep that bike on the right side of the road, and the rubber side down!


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