Alice and Don

May 2009 299I was biking through Richmond, NH when I noticed a clothesline hanging up between two trees, and it hit me that I had not noticed any clotheslines before that day. I pulled over to meet Alice who was sitting in her gazebo reading the paper. I asked her about it, and a look of skepticism came over her face, reluctant to believe the only reason I stopped was to ask about her clothesline. She warmed up after I explained who I was and let me take a picture of her drying clothes. Alice explained that air drying them saves her about $20 dollars on her electric bills every month, which makes the 5 minutes it takes to do worth it. Alice and Don also have a drier which they use when the weather is not permitting, but no matter the season the clothes usually dry on the line. “It is healthier, and why not choose something healthier when it is cheaper.” If you have a piece of rope and something to anchor it to, anything from a tree to a curtain rod, you can have yourself a clothesline. Save the earth its coal, the air and the life which depends on it its health, and yourself the money.

If anyone would like a hand made chess board, tell me and I will give you Don’s number. He is a skilled wood worker and makes beautiful game boards, among other things.


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