Vermont Part III

I got another chance to talk with Dan Werner on my way out of Cornwall after talking with Tim. He and Judy will be touring France on bikes soon, I wish them well and hope the trailer works out!

Green Mtns heading South to Rutland

Green Mtns heading South to Rutland

My plan was to make it half way to Brattleboro that night, in hopes of making it to a contra dance in Brattleboro the following night. Contra dancing is a style of folk dancing, and this particular dance, called a dawn dance started at 8pm and ended at 7am. I biked South, stopping for ice cream a couple of times along the way, and then in Rutland at the food cooperative. I continued on even though the sun was setting, heading south east. As the day light dimmed I turned my light on and put my reflector vest on, telling myself I would begin to look for a place to pull over and set up camp. I saw a nice field which I biked in to, suddenly realizing it is mostly a swamp, and pulled my bike and trailer through the muck. Disgruntled at the irrational decision to veer off in to the swamp, I kept biking until I saw a large inviting pasture behind a house. I went to knock on the door to ask permission to camp, but realized the owner was passed out asleep on the couch. I went a little farther down the road to the neighbors house where I met Todd and Dee Fillmore.
Todd cutting greens

Todd cutting greens

They live with their two daughters, and own a sign making business which keeps them busy when they are not tending the garden, chickens, or bees. I had a wonderful time with them, eating salad with greens cut ten minutes prior to my consumption of them, and conversing long in to the night. I tented it in their yard, and was visited in the night by one of their cats. When I awoke, Todd and Dee recommended that I visit a family down the road who is off the grid, or not relying on electricity from the utility company. After admiring the chickens we said goodbye and I pushed off toward the Krueger-Norton household.
Todd and Dee

Todd and Dee


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