The contra dance, a mix between square and line dancing, was a gay ol’ time. A large number of people took over a gym to dance from 8pm to 7am. I met up with friends from UVM, including fellow Eco-Rep Kae Crowley and began to cut a rug. I also danced with old(er) ladies who are sometimes more fun. During the dance there were three stages, each with a different band. Between them people have time to eat and get some cool air outside.
I only stayed until about 4am when I went back to Dan and Meg’s place, where Dan let me in and took Lucy out for a pee.

Cool street sign in NH

Cool street sign in NH

The next morning we got a bagel as they showed me around downtown before I headed to Boston. I crossed the Connecticut River into New Hampshire. From Brattleboro it took me two days to get to Boston. During the night in between I was denied a place to camp for the first time. I was in Massachusetts at the time, already having gone through NH. The next family I asked let me camp, but did not want anything to do with me after that.
Should have biked

Should have biked

I have family spread out in the Boston area, so I was able to visit my aunt and uncle before continuing to Boston to stay with my grandparents, cousin, and aunt. On the way I passed someone with a solar hot water heater on their roof but nobody was home. I also must of passed 1,000 cars all idling in bumper to bumper rush hour traffic on a small two lane road. They could all have been home already if they took their bike…


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