Suzanne waiting for her train

Suzanne waiting for her train

I politely disturbed Suzanne while she was waiting for her train at the North Station in the TD Banknorth Garden. It took a second for her to be sure I was not asking her for money but, once reassured, she opened up and told me about her commuting ways. Suzanne has been commuting to Boston by train for the last two and a half years from Andover, MA. She enjoys the hour ride and takes the time to relax and read. Suzanne and other commuters I talked with mentioned that parking fees increased from $13 to $25 for a daily spot, which makes commuter trains the obvious choice. Her employer is able to take the pre-tax cost of the monthly pass out of her paycheck which makes it even easier for her. The trains also run frequently enough to be able to miss one and not worry about when the next one is due.
Suzanne does have a car but it doesn’t get much use. She is a big proponent of walking, and often does so when she’s not using the train. Walking and taking advantage of public transportation leads to a healthier living space for all. Americans account for 5% of the world’s population but drive a third of its cars. Carpooling, biking, and busing are other means of transport that can reduce the amount of American vehicles (over 250,000,000) on the road and emissions spewed in the air.


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