Greenhouse Car Wash

While riding on Route 12 throughMay 2009 365 Oxford, MA, one might take notice of a greenhouse by the side of the road. Unlike all the other greenhouses there are no plants inside this one, instead it is open on either end, allowing for dirty cars to enter one end and clean ones to exit the other.
Owner Mark Mazziatti wanted to open a car wash but knew if he did he should run it in a responsible way. The car wash is a glass building, allowing for sunlight to heat the parts that need heating, including the machine room where people sometimes work.

Water reclamation system

Water reclamation system

The most impressive feature is the water reclamation system which reuses the wash water. To reduce cloth/paper waste, the cars are air dried after being washed with biodegradable soaps, waxes, and cleaners. Now, you would think that’s the end of it but the fun does not stop there. Soon renewable energy will power the wash after 35 solar panels are installed on the roof.
When I was there a woman in a black Scion came out of the wash looking sleek and fresh (I’m talking about the car), having chosen the green car wash over the conventional one three miles down the road. Happy with the job that the biodegradable soaps did she let me snap a photo of the sparkling car. So, maybe the next time a scheming flock of pigeons decide they don’t like your car, look for a car wash that can clean it without dirtying up the earth.

May 2009 366


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  1. 1 Dan Wagner June 23, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    Hi! Thanks for the comment on our trip blog! Sounds like you’re having a great trip! I’m really interested in what you’re doing, with the environmentalism and all. We’re not as deep into it as you guys, but I would absolutely like to live my life in as much harmony with the earth as possible. So, if you want to put in a nifty live updating map, you have to go to Google Maps and make your own trip map. You can put points on it and then the function “Draw a line along roads” allows you to track your route. Then you can name and describe each line and even stick pictures or whatever HTML you want in there, for each line or point. I don’t know how WordPress works, but for Blogger, I just had to go to Layout, add a generic box to put HTML into (you can put it anywhere on the blog, we just chose the header so it’s all in your face!) and then, go to your Google Map, move and zoom so it’s exactly how you want it to show up on your blog, and in the upper right hand corner click “Link.” Then click the link to Customize. Make it however long or wide you want, and then copy the HTML code to wherever you’re going to put it on your blog. Then, whenever you edit the map in Google Maps, it will show up on the blog. You have to re-copy if you want the default view to change, though. Hope that helps!! Have a great journey!!


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