Small World

courtyard in the library

courtyard in the library

I caught up with my grandparents, aunt, and cousin in West Roxbury before I explored Boston. I’ve been there often throughout my life but never had the chance to look around. Boston is a very biker friendly city. On the way to the public library I beat the T down Huntington Ave , and left the cars in the dust. If you have not been to the Boston Public Library, you should go to see the beautiful architecture, murals, and statues. I was only there for an hour before I headed toward the train station to talk with commuters. At first, my attempts to engage them in conversation were futile. Some people would start listening and then shake their head, and others would just ignore me. Suzanne, the woman who eventually consented to being interviewed, asked me flat out if I was going to ask her for money.
After our conversation I decided to get in touch with Liam Martin, a friend whose parents I talked with a week earlier in Shrewsbury. After deciding to meet up at the Boston Commons, I biked there but had to make sure I was in the right place. I asked the first person I saw, a woman walking in front of the state house, and she confirmed that I was, in fact at the Commons. I thanked her and rode away. Liam and I talked for a while over some food before I had to bike back to West Roxbury. On my way back I made a wrong turn about three miles outside the city and decided to ask for directions. I approached the first person I saw, who happened to be the same person who gave me directions inside Boston!
Monica, my new friend, works in the state house and decided to walk home that evening to give her knee some exercise. Coincidentally she also lives in West Roxbury so we walked there together. Think about how crazy that is. Monica, I hope to run into you again soon, maybe you will be skiing the same mountain as me next winter. We exchanged contacts, said good night and I went home and talked with my Cousin Rachel for a while.


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