59th Street Bridge

May 2009 405Once again we rolled in to a driveway, this time K.K. and Ira’s, unannounced with only our bikes to keep them curious long enough to explain why we trespassed. K.K. and Ira are two of the kindest people we have met so far. After discussing biodynamics they invited us to camp in their pasture after a stir fry dinner with asparagus from the garden. Dinner, which included home made bread along with the biodynamic asparagus was better than any pasta dish I have had. Even Laura, who does not like asparagus thought it was delicious. It was a beautiful night when we went to bed and an equally pleasant morning when we woke. That day was their anniversary, so after a cup of coffee with milk and honey K.K. and Ira style we left and came back with a local pie. On our way out we noticed the array of solar panels on the roof which were very well disguised. Ira said they are completely energy independent!
Our ride West on Route 25 along the vinyards was very calm, quite the opposite of our evening trying to make it to Seaport, NY where Laura’s grandmother lives, and uncle was waiting to meet us. We rode in the dark along a very busy highway crossing intersections we should not have crossed. From Seaport we stopped in Howard Beach to have lunch with Laura’s grandfather. We went to a local diner. I got a sandwich that came with Cole slaw. I ate it, all the while thinking about K.K., Ira, and their vegetables. Where did this lettuce come from? What about these carrots? How was this radish grown?
We pushed along Queens Blvd to my

Entering the city

Entering the city

uncle Marvin’s apartment in the upper West side of Manhattan. We crossed in to the city on the 59th Street Bridge, the plan being to sing the Simon and Garfunkel song as we biked over it. To get to it there is an overpass which we mistook for the bridge, so we started singing, all the while thinking what a crappy bridge it was and why would anyone write a song about it? We soon realized our mistake and proceeded to sing on the real 59th Street Bridge.
Uncle Marvin

Uncle Marvin

That night we took a walk around Central Park before getting some soup with Marvin. Before we left for dinner I accidentally left my handlebar bag on his front stoop which was still there when we got back, but I would not be so lucky in the future…


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