No Babies on Board

On my way out of Boston I stopped by to catch up with some family in Medfield, and continued biking to meet up with Laura in her town of Westborough. Laura and I met while on a field course, backpacking and kayaking in Montana with the Wild Rockies Field Institute. I knew I would be alright completing the ride alone, but I knew there would be times when I could use some company. After mentioning the trip to Laura I knew she was in without officially asking her; her job was coming to a close, and who knows when she would get another chance to go. I am glad to have Laura along, her carefree attitude mixed with her ability to endure long periods of physical stress makes it easier for us when I get us lost, which happens a lot. We spent a couple days enjoying the hospitality of her brother and parents before taking off South toward New London, CT where we would take the ferry to Long Island. Our first night we met a guy on the side of the road who lived in a house behind his mother’s house. We camped in his mother’s yard, cooked some pasta, and got up really late as usual.

Can't go under, must go over

Can't go under, must go over

On our way to New London we took a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong side of the CT River. A Groton police officer told us to cross the Goldstar Bridge, which turned out to be part of Interstate 95. The one sidewalk for pedestrians and bikes was on the opposite side, and it was too dangerous to cross. We decided to take the break down lane on the left side of the bridge. We got about half way across before a cop car and a tow truck pulled in behind us and asked what we were doing. One officer checked our IDs while the other one asked us questions about our trip. When we got our IDs back, they told
Goldstar Bridge from ferry

Goldstar Bridge from ferry

us they would escort us to the first turn off, but before going back to their car one officer asked me if I had a kid in the back of my trailer. Apparently someone had called the cops and said someone is pulling a baby behind them on the highway. I could not answer him seriously, so I did not say anything and they walked away. As we reached the exit the cops told us to take, they drove away before we realized that there is a gate which didn’t open far enough to fit the trailer through so we had to lift the trailer over the fence in order to get to the other side. We arrived at the 5pm ferry at 4:58pm, just in time to buy our tickets ($18) and roll our bikes on board the loaded ferry which was filled to capacity, but there is always room for some bikes. In an hour and twenty minutes we rode off the ferry in Orient Point to begin biking past the beautiful beaches, vineyards, and farms. There was one farm in particular that caught our attention; it had a wooden sign for CSA shares…
tucked away on the ferry

tucked away on the ferry


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