Bikeless on a bike tour

There is much to do and see in cities,June2009 082 There is much to do and see in cities,Your browser may not support display of this image. so we thought another night in Philly would be appropriate, and also give me some time to blog. After dropping our belongings off at Sam Tremble’s house, a friend we contacted through, Laura explored while I sat in a pizza shop and began to write blog entries. I locked my bike outside but I could not see it from where I was sitting. Hours passed. I ended up eating a lot of pizza, and later that evening splitting a salad when Laura came back. We finished up at around eight and decided to go back to Sam’s house. When we walked outside Laura pointed out that there was no bike on the rack it was locked to. I knew there was no finding it; all I could do was smile and think of the irony of losing a bike while on a bike trip. It was like I was a pilot, and mid-flight my plane dissipates. Luckily for me not only was I was safely on the ground but billions of other bikes exist on our planet, a few of which were available to me. Finding a bike would be the easy part, it was the hitch my trailer attached to that was taken with the bike that I was worried about.

La Lux

La Lux

However, five bike shops and a couple of test rides later I was not only equipped with a light blue ‘87 Schwinn La Tour Lux but the only Burley trailer hitch in the city, taken from a display model.
Despite losing my bike, it was easy to stay in a good mood with the people I was around. Sam lives with seven other friends, all of whom ride bikes everywhere they go. Bikes are literally littered across the house. The only car they own is an old bus they plan on using to tour the country and play various gigs.
the living room/bike room

the living room/bike room

Four of them constitute the band Hermit Thrushes (like the bird), which will be on tour this summer. Some other members of the house include Sam’s brother Jack, a bike mechanic by hobby who helped us with anything we needed. Then there is Gianni, a good-humored member of the band who volunteers at the Fair Food Farm stand in Reading Terminal.
On our last night in town we had dinner with members of my family from Germany who were coincidentally visiting the city at the same time while on a tour of the country.


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