Susan from Philadelphia

Susan with her eggs

Susan with her eggs

The Fair Food Market is the first stand I ran into in the Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia’s main downtown market. A wide variety of local Pennsylvanian (some from Jersey) vegetables, dairy and meat products, breads, grains, and random items are packed into a couple of square feet that gives the impression food is just bursting out of the baskets. The stand is run almost entirely by volunteers, overseen by only three staff. I talked with Gianni (see post below), who said the volunteers give their time because they care about giving people in the city the option to buy local food. The best part about working there is that he sees and talks with people of all demographics who are shopping there and are excited about local food. One such person is Susan, a
Emu egg from over the river

Emu egg from over the river

Philadelphian who bee-lines it to the Stand for pasture-raised eggs once she runs out. Not many places offer eggs from chickens who live in a pasture. Most stores only offer cage-free eggs at best, but cage-free does not mean the chickens were outside at any point in their lives, only that they were not crammed in to a cage. In addition to eggs, Susan picks up vegetables displayed in baskets with tags telling what farm they came from and where it is.
I did the same, grabbing some greens before I said goodbye to Susan and snapping some photos of the local goose and emu eggs.

Check out what the Union of Concerned Scientists has to say about pasture-raised food

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