We decided to stop by Sarah and Aaron’s favorite food store before heading off to Vermillion. It was one of those small-but-has everything places which advertises their organic and natural foods. One section in particular that was well stocked, and always gets my attention, was the bulk food section.

Richard and his bulk foods

Richard and his bulk foods

I was browsing the selection of trail mixes when I met Richard, an IRS employee and Clevelandite who had a shopping cart full of items from the bins. Richard was mainly shopping for nuts and seeds that he could not find anywhere else. This is one of the advantages of buying bulk; items not for sale anywhere else can usually be found here. Your ability to choose the quantity is a big plus, and what you end up paying is almost always cheaper per pound than what would be found in the aisle. Not to be overlooked is the packaging that is saved by buying bulk. You can show up with your own containers and bags to fill up, so all you come away with is the food itself! If you do forget your containers, there are always bags supplied. Either way a lot of unnecessary trash is saved from filling a hole in the ground. I was glad to meet Richard, not only because he was buying in bulk, but I got a chance to talk with him about his lifestyle. Richard is doing what he thinks is right, and is willingly making sacrifices in his life to exclude meat, more recently dairy products, and other elements of life we plunder every day. I am not saying we should all become homeless, minimalist, vegans but we should recognize our ability to live comfortably without every new invention, or everything our pocketbooks can give us. Buying bulk food is an easy way to get what we need without all the other resources, we do not use, that usually comes with them.


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  1. 1 Bill E. July 27, 2009 at 8:14 pm

    We missed you bigtime at Lobstafest. I goosed up a storm and ate everybody’s heds. Volleyball was good, too. Hope you’ll make it back there one of these years. Meanwhile, everybody was talkin’ about your trip. me and your mom follow the blog closely and related some of the stories.

    Keep on truckin.

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