Real quick- lets remind ourselves what being ‘green’ really is…

Everything we do from toasting our bread to attending our cousins wedding in Hawaii impacts our environment in more ways than one.  The environment encompasses everything which allows us to live.  To simply exist, the natural systems in place before we came to be (how that happened is irrelevant) must stay working if we are to stay as well.  Now there are more organisms besides ourselves that depend on the environment; the bees, ant eaters, sunflowers, whales, hummingbirds, oak trees, etc…all live on the same earth.

Of course, as living things we have needs which consume resources, but we are consuming those resources in an unhealthy way that cannot be sustained for very long.  ‘Green’ has become the word to represent the choices we make that reflect a consciousness for the health of our environment.  If life on earth is to stay healthy, our environment needs to be healthy which can happen if we make responsible decisions.  Being ‘green’ is simply doing what should be done.  Building, buying, eating and living with minimal impact to our environment will not only create a healthy, unpolluted, peaceful planet to live in, but for future generations to live in as well.  Why do I bring a mug to get a cup of coffee, or why do I take my bike instead of drive to work?  Because compromising the health of the plants and animals (humans included) today, and the plants and animals of tomorrow  is not worth the convenience offered to me by a paper cup or a automobile.  Acting in such a way may be called ‘green’, while a more appropriate term might be ‘responsible.’

Perhaps this blog will be of some inspiration to change or keep doing some of the things you do.  I hope our fellow ‘green’ Americans will be a model to you as you begin to acknowledge certain efforts you can take to live more responsibly.

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1 Response to “What is Green?”

  1. 1 Nicky Phear June 19, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    Hey Phil Fandel,

    Wonderful to hear about your spontaneous trip across New Enland by bike and blog to highlight what ordinary people are doing to be green. I love the image of you and Laura inquiring what people and organizations are doing, and drawing out the best in people through the stories and conversations you share. I also like the idea of you packing your Bob full of gear, bread, cheese, and jam :), and just heading out across the country.

    I’ll follow along and hope it goes well. Please do get in touch as you come through Missoula. Of course you and Laura have a place to stay. You need to retrieve the “Conti…” sign from Marias Pass (which is still lying on the side of my house) and bring it up to Glacier.



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