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John Egan

John and Laura in the Bighorns

John is an educator, cyclist, naturalist, pianist, and a big fan of creamy peanut butter. He calls Buffalo, WY home, but has traveled around the world, mostly on a bike. He has logged over 100,000 miles on a bike, and the most beautiful place he has ever been is Glacier National Park, in Montana. That does not say a lot, however, because John respects the beauty of his natural surroundings everywhere he goes, from the trees in his front yard to the Big Horn mountains, which are actually in his backyard.
Seeing landscapes outside the mechanized city skylines and suburban developments is the only way to instill a caring for the health of the non-human. How can we care that our cars, plastic bottles, and conventional food degrade our world if all we see is roads, buildings, and grocery stores? How can we change to live in harmony with nature if we see nature as another entity altogether? The answer is to gather a perspective that puts us on the same level with other life forms. To walk amongst the trees, explore a cave, climb mountains, pick berries, and swim in rivers is to experience our world as other, non-human animals do.
In his spare time, John studies ice crystals in the winter and wild flowers in the summer. He knows the mountains well, and took us up for some relaxation off of the bike. We basked in the lupine and climbed a spire of rocks that overlooks a valley. It was so nice to venture off of the pavement and spend some time surrounded by moose, wildflowers, and ancient trees.
When it comes to environmentalism, seeing is believing, and changing; not in society but in the individuals thoughts on how we should treat the environment. Change in society will come when those same individuals choose to take action and make different choices with a regard for the perspective on the environment they found when they were outside.

A Ladybug found some Lupine

Everyone should be exposed to the beauty and fun that is offered by the outdoors. John is one of many who take time to respect what was here before us. But ‘nature’ is more than that. It is what gives us oxygen, collects and filters our water, and grows our food. Why we destroy it in the first place is a whole ‘nother blog, but experiencing it will help you find reason not to.



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